Pratt ARC Policies & Procedures

Pratt ARC Policies & Procedures

The ARC locker rooms will close at 5:00 p.m. on weeknights of athletcs events and 10:00 a.m. for weekend games.

ARC General Policies

The following policies apply to ALL areas of the ARC unless otherwise stated.

  1. All patrons must present a valid I.D. to enter the facility. No one will permitted without a valid Pratt I.D.
  2. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the facility unless otherwise approved for a specific event or by administrative offices. Individuals under 18 are never allowed in the fitness center.
  3. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and illegal substances of any kind are prohibited in the facility. Intoxication is also prohibited while in the facility.
  4. You are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner. Profanity, abusive, vulgar, and/or degrading language will not be tolerated.  Yelling, rude, or boisterous behavior is also unacceptable.
  5. Clean, dry athletic sneakers must be worn at all times when working out.
  6. Proper athletic attire is required while exercising. All patrons must be wearing a shirt in public areas of the facility. Jeans, jean shorts, khakis, cargo pants, and excessively loose fitting clothing are not allowed. Apparel must be free of zippers, chains, rivets, buckles, etc. Athletic shoes must be worn at all times unless participating in a class that requires otherwise. The Fitness Center staff reserves the right to determine what appropriate athletic attire is.
  7. No bags or personal belongings of any kind are allowed upstairs. Store belongings in the lockers provided. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Athletic and Recreation staff will determine the music selection on the center's sound system. No personal stereos or boom boxes are allowed. Patrons may use iPods or Mp3 players with headphones.
  9. Food is not allowed in the facility or in programs. Beverages in plastic containers with re-sealable caps are allowed. No glass or metal containers (i.e. soda or energy drink cans) are allowed in the ARC.
  10. No equipment is to be removed from its designated area or the Fitness Center. Dance Studio equipment may be used when Group Fitness classes are not in session.
  11. Bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates are not allowed in the ARC. Bicycle racks are located outside of the facilities for bicycle parking.
  12. It is the member's responsibility to follow all posted rules and instructions of staff members. Any individual not adhering to policies or acting appropriately will be asked to leave the facility and risk having their membership suspended or revoked without a refund. Please ask the staff on duty if you have any questions or need assistance.

Fitness Center

  1. Towels are strongly recommended for personal hygiene and equipment cleanliness. Please wipe down equipment after use.
  2. When using a treadmill, towels must be secured in clip fastened to the machine to ensure they do not get caught in the belt.
  3. Respect the facility and equipment at all times. DO NOT drop, throw, or slam weights/dumbbells on the floor or racks.
  4. Use of collars/clamps is mandatory on all free weights bars. Utilize safety bars and spotters.
  5. Use of chalk is not permitted in the fitness center.
  6. Put all weights, plates, bars, and other equipment in its proper place after use.
  7. There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment when members are waiting for the machine. Please be courteous and respectful of others.

Court Policies

  1. Only athletic footwear is allowed! Footwear which marks floor surfaces or is worn inappropriately is not allowed. No high heels, boots, dress shoes, tap, or open-toed shoes area allowed. This includes spectators.
  2. Although dunking is allowed, hanging on the rim and "popping" the rim is not permitted.
  3. Hitting, kicking, and/or bouncing of soccer balls or basketballs against the walls is not permitted.
  4. No personal items are allowed around the basketball courts. No headwear except athletic headbands is allowed on the gym floor.
  5. Athletic clothing only. Shirts are required, and shorts/pants must be worn at or above the waist (i.e. no exposed underwear).
  6. Do not move equipment that is already set up.
  7. Full court games must be condensed to half-court games when other individuals are waiting to play and there are no other courts available.
  8. Soccer can only be played on the far court near the loading dock.
  9. Spectators are to sit in designated areas only. No standing along the baseline, between courts, or sitting on window ledges.
  10. Priority is given to previously scheduled activities.

Group Fitness and Dance Studio Policies

  1. Only non-marking shoes are allowed in the Dance Studio. No street shoes, bare feet, boots, sandals, high heels, cleats, etc. may be worn.
  2. Only instructors on the current semester group fitness schedule are permitted to use the stereo in the Dance Studio.
  3. Members must wear proper attire. No flip flops, open toed, tap, or heeled shoes are permitted. Non-marking soles only.
  4. Jump roping is not permitted in the Dance Studio.
  5. No one is allowed in the Dance Studio while a class is in session unless they are participating in the class.
  6. Members may enter an open class until 10 minutes after the start time. After 10 minutes, or the end of the warm up, the class is closed to prevent injury.
  7. Any ARC staff has priority over usage of the Dance Studio at any given time.
  8. Members may not reserve the Dance Studio for their personal use.

Sauna Policies

  1. Shower before and after using the sauna.
  2. Check inside the sauna before adjusting the timer. Do not adjust the timer if someone is already inside.
  3. All users must wear a towel or bathing suit while in the sauna.
  4. Limit use to 20 minutes or less.
  5. Do not bring paper products into the sauna
  6. Do not bring clothing into the sauna.
  7. Do not place water on the sauna heater.
  8. All patrons must vacate the sauna before closing of the locker rooms.
The Fitness Center includes the Cardiovascular Area, Strength Training Area, and the Aerobics/Dance Studio. Use of the fitness facility is considered a privilege. Individuals who do not comply with the established policies will be asked to leave and may have their membership revoked.